The Freedom Series

Molly DeVoss

Art from this show is available, please inquire.

The Freedom Series intends to move us beyond the impediments that hold us back from happiness. The works feature three distinct focal points that freedom overcomes:

"Intrinsic Fear" includes 13 figurative works expressing freedom from the demons inside us – fear, self-centeredness, insecurity, addictions, compulsions – and the stages of moving beyond each. Embedded within and written into these works are quips of wisdom from great masters as well as my own words of encouragement.

Atua Group expresses the freedom from dogma, lies and limitation. Based on the five gods of the Polynesian people, these images liberate from the coercive expectations of others.

Yesteryear are the diminutive works that express freedom from our pasts – those moments in time that haunt us and deter our forward movement. Trauma, fear, embarrassment, drama, infidelity, death, all play out on the pages of rare books, documents, and music infused in these works of art. Dating from the 1700s to the early 1900s, the integrated artifacts are authentic sheets (not reproductions).

Intrinsic Fear Series 

Yesteryear Series 

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