Grown From Materiality: 

the poetry of thick paint

Michael Osbaldeston

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a tour of "Grown from Materiality"

-from conversations with Michael Osbaldeston

To use every device, tool, color, technique, material, anything we can think, or allow ourselves to wander into, to make something new, which we hope will be something worth seeing.

After six coats of gesso - a palette of every color purchased is put together, toned with raw sienna, and blends made and placed on the canvas with large brushes.  Each type of color is put in some manner everywhere on the canvas.

Each time color is put on, some is put everywhere.

Tubes may be used next (or sometimes first) and mostly with the cadmiums. 

Smaller brushes and palette knives are next – but the tool of preference is the burnishing tool – like a palette knife but it has a curve to allow for painting on wet and making interesting shape.  The tools determine the mark or gesture.

If possible I use music to create a dance – to help not think but be.  Absolutely a drawing as well as a painting process.  Actually, I only call my drawings, drawings, because they are on paper. They are actually paintings as well as drawings.   Oddly, no matter how stiff my body may be there are no body inabilities when painting – propelled wherever like a contemporary dance.

Color is obviously the end of all end alls in a painting – otherwise we would use cement.  The color is the push and the pull. At that midpoint when you realize that the color is adequate – with humans I think adequate is way up there – when the color says it is just right my mouth waters and continues almost from then on not that dissimilar to kissing.

We are mesmerized during the making but we too have to look at the painting when we’re done and be intrigued, visually satiated, and intellectually overwhelmed.

A desire to soothe the mind from thoughts with complex beauty. Then the hope that someone else might be able to see or experience this visual comfort of man-made beauty.   We have actually found sustenance in our work by seeing wonderful imagery arise from a landscape of colored marks, which is why we love doing it.  


Born: San Jose, California on Feb 2, 1950
B.A. Art, University of Dallas, Dallas,TX.1972
M.A. Art, University of Dallas, Dallas,TX. 1973

Has exhibited widely, including one man shows at:
The Tramell Crow Pavillions, Dallas, TX. 1997 and 1993
The Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX. 1990
Elipante, Cottonwood, Arizona 1987
Leslie Collins Gallery, Dallas , TX 1974

Has well over 300 works in collections around the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan

Opening Night

the Architercture Happy Hour at Trinity West Fine Art for the soft opening of "Grown from Materiality"