Awakening in Dreamscapes

Molly DeVoss

Art from this show is available, please inquire.

A tour of "Awakening in Dreamscapes"


Considering the incorporation of messages and handwritten quips in Molly DeVoss’ art, one may not be completely surprised that she has spent over twenty five years as an entrepreneur in the marketing and design profession. The messages come from embedded excerpts from rare collectible books and music sheets. She teases with questions, making us consider the meaning of the message, and often ourselves. Her art is suggestive – often resisting definition or explanation – causing people to feel something more than they understand. 

“My art is about relating to those moments of personal growth in our lives. Sometimes they are moments of epiphany and self-discovery, and at other times full of questions and confusion. As human beings we are on a spiritual journey, striving to understand our origins and purpose. My art reflects the torment, perplexity, frustration, and elation of that process. I hope that every person can relate to part of themselves in my work.”

Molly grew up the daughter of an air force pilot and traveled a great deal during her developmental years giving her a plethora of worldly inspiration to draw upon. Her mother, Toby DeVoss, is an accomplished figurative artist who inspires Molly deeply.  

Molly’s paintings — with multiple layers, unique textures and color palette — reflect her passion for the land of the Southwest. The human figure is a common theme in her work. “I coalesce with my model muses and bring the essence of their energy being to the canvas.” Often the dragonfly image is hidden in her paintings. “The dragonfly inspires me to remain ‘present’ in the moment. I started seeing many of them in a variety of unusual places. They seemed to be haunting me. But then I realized they had always been there – I just hadn’t taken the time to truly ‘see’ them. Now when they drift into my peripheral vision I know it is a reminder to ‘slow down, be outside of myself and enjoy the magical wonder of the world’.”

Molly lives with her muse and “cat husband”, Tabasco, who accompanies her to her working studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Dallas, Texas. She is represented in a Dallas gallery, has participated in numerous shows, and is in individuals’ and corporate collections in the US and Japan.

Opening night of "Awakening in Dreamscapes"